Patek Philippe Pumps Up The Volume On Its Minute Repeaters Fake Watches UK Wholesale With New High-Tech Amplification System

As if to remind us there is more to this elite brand than pretty dials on iconic steel high quality replica watches, Patek Philippe is launching a revolutionary new sound amplification and diffusion system for its chiming best UK fake watches. In layman’s terms: It’s like putting the minute repeater on stereo. In fact, the system was inspired by the way an old-fashioned phonograph works. The key component is a small, suspended wafer made of sapphire crystal poised on the end of a tuning fork-like suspension. The crystal disk vibrates and sends the sound back down the fork and along a titanium ring that carries the sound outside the case. The result? It powers up the volume of a minute repeater by six times its usual rate. A chiming watch using the new system sounds the same at 60 meters as a classic minute repeater does from 10 meters says 1:1 perfect Patek Philippe replica watches. It is launching today in a 15-piece limited edition as Ref. 5750P. Price upon request.

The amplification system, which Swiss made Patek Philippe copy watches calls the fortissimo ff, is incorporated into a module that is applied to an enhanced version of its existing automatic minute repeater movement, caliber R 27 PS. It works like a mechanical loudspeaker, except that rather than relying on a flexible membrane along the periphery, it uses a 0.2mm thick wafer of synthetic sapphire attached to a steel sound lever shaped like a tuning fork. The suspended wafer oscillates, which pipes up the sound. It works in conjunction with a titanium rim that insulates the sound waves and carries them directly to the sapphire wafer and then outside the case altogether through openings at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock (a special dust filter protects the movement). As a result, the case material does not influence the sound. Normally, rose gold is considered the best precious metal for sound propagation, while platinum, with its higher material density, presents the greatest acoustic challenge. So sure is replica Patek Philippe watches for sale of the effectiveness of this rerouting and amplification system that it is launching it in a platinum case. “To demonstrate the efficiency of the fortissimo system, the manufacture opted for the material that poses the greatest acoustic challenges – 950 platinum,” says the brand in a statement.

One of the challenges was to create a module that would amplify the sound without altering the very specific sound of Swiss movements Patek Philippe replica watches chime, which is consistent through its minute repeaters. Another was to make it small enough that it wouldn’t significantly increase the size of the case, affecting wearability. It has succeeded on both counts. The fake watches wholesale shop is only 0.57mm thicker than its predecessor, the Ref. 5178, and “the amplified sound offers the harmonic quality and acoustic richness that underpin the unique reputation of Patek Philippe minute repeaters,” it says.

The dial was inspired by the spoked wheels of vintage cars, with an openworked motif against a black background. The sapphire back of the 40mm case reveals the movement, including the hammers, gongs and transparent oscillating wafer. It carries four patents.

Luxury Swiss replica Patek Philippe watches’ Advanced Research department was launched in 2005 to research new materials, technologies and conceptual fundamentals used in high watchmaking. So far it has developed Silinvar, a derivative of silicon with phenomenal characteristics for watchmaking applications – it is temperature compensating, lightweight, lubricant-free and antimagnetic – which is now used in most cheap AAA super clone Patek Philippe watches movements. It also developed the Spiromax balance spring and the Pulsomax escapement, all of which bring similar improvements to its watch movements. Each of these technology leaps was accompanied by a similar launch of imitation watches shop site in a limited edition endowed with the innovative components.

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