Swiss Luxury Patek Philippe Nautilus Reference 3800/1 Fake Watches UK

With the Tiffany Blue Patek Philippe Nautilus replica watches for sale fetching $6.5 million at auction in December of last year, it is safe to say that this iconic model is hotter than ever. This passion also causes an even broader interest in the history of the Nautilus. This includes many exquisite and often rare models like this Reference 3800/1, which AAA best Patek Philippe fake watches made just before the turn of the Millenium in 1999.

While the Nautilus got its fame from being made out of stainless steel, few will object to this rare platinum model. Because of the use of this precious metal, it has become quite hefty 1:1 perfect replica watches to wear, despite its relatively modest diameter of 37.5mm. Ironically Swiss made Patek Philippe copy watches made the reference 3800 a bit smaller than its predecessor, the reference 3700. As a result, it combines even better elegance with masculinity, in particular, because its profile remains slim. The refined automatic movement plays an essential part in this, which for reference 3800, also introduced a centrally mounted seconds hand.

Unique about this particular Nautilus is the exquisite grey dial which matches so perfectly with the platinum case and bracelet. It gives the wholesale replica watches online even today a very modern look. This rare dial is original and already available in the 1980s. However, high quality super clone watches with it fitted, in particular, platinum ones, are extremely rare. In this case, it might even be unique, as no other reference 3800 in this configuration is known (yet). Phillips sold this model in 2018 for CHF 212,500 with an estimate between CHFN 80,000 – 120,000. What was quite an investment just a few short years ago will, without a doubt, be rewarded handsomely if it would ever come back at auction. With the interest in the cheap UK fake Patek Philippe Nautilus watches at an all-time high and even regular models commanding impressive premiums, rarities like this will be in great demand.

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