MOONSWATCH REVIEW: How I Bought Best UK Replica Omega MoonSwatch Watches And Was The Battle To Buy It Worth The Risk?

A policeman told me to hold my MoonSwatch tight, writes Josh Corder on the day he bought one of the hottest new cheap replica watches of the decade, but was it worth danger of battling through a crazed throng in a major Dubai mall?

Managing to buy a MoonSwatch on launch day, I have a new perspective on how French aristocrats felt when the Palace of Versailles was stormed.

Trapped for 25 minutes in the Swatch store at Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates as hundreds of ravenous MoonSwatch fans tried to bust down the glass doors, I needed a police officer to help me out of the shop.

“Hold onto your bag, sir,” he urged, potentially worried the mob would tear it from my hands.

Unlike Versailles though, it wasn’t bread that the people were fighting for, it was a £207 Swatch.

A Swatch which donned a usually inaccessible luxury stamp: Omega and the name of its most iconic 1:1 UK fake watches, Speedmaster.

In doing so, the Swatch Group is redistributing Omegas back to the people – a move which may infuriate long-time high quality Omega replica watches buyers.

In reality, I was bonked on the head by Moon copy watches for sale wearer during my tunneling into the Swatch store. I was also bonked by the wrists of perfect replica Rolex Submariner and Hublot Big Bang watches wearers. Swatch Group has created something with mass appeal to every income group.

It wasn’t until I got home – 30 minutes from where the shop was – I felt safe to open the box.

I opted for the Mission to the Moon edition mainly because it looks the most like original Moon super clone watches wholesale to me.

Aside from the velcro strap and ticking seconds hand, you’d have to look closely to think it was anything other than a normal MoonWatch.

The crown and pushers feel and look on the cheap side, but for a £200 plastic chronograph, that is to be expected. The dial however appears every bit as well designed as top replica Omega Speedmaster watches.

As someone who lives in a very hot climate – Dubai – the velcro strap is a plus for me. It fits more loosely on my wrist and gives a bit more room for air flow.

The looser fit of the strap does mean the Swiss made fake watches moves around on the wrist more, but since Swatch Group’s new bioceramic material is so light, you’ll hardly ever notice.

The new case material remains polarising. It looks and wears fantastically, but to actually run your figures over it, you’ll be reminded this is still an accessible Swatch timepiece. It doesn’t feel as good as metal replica watches for sale to touch.

While the other colourways didn’t appeal to me, I am clearly in the minority. The white and blue versions of the watch are going for astronomical prices second hand.

The MoonSwatch has really given Omega the chance to be creative and bold with such a historic model and it seems to be paying off.

Is it worth the hype? For me personally, it looks like luxury Omega fake watches and I have a great story to tell. For others willing to pay six times retail price when they could just put a deposit for an Omega proper, I’m not sure yet.

Buying it on the day has made it one of my most prized possessions. Hopefully I don’t need a police escort every time I wear it in public.

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