UK Cheap Replica TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional Solargraph

Sure, black with everything is a win-win but the same can also be said about navy, right? And when it comes to strapping colour on your wrist, blue super clone watches online can really up the ante for your fit. We had a chat with writer and consultant Justin Hast who had this to say about blue-dial high quality fake watches: “Like scones and clotted cream or earl grey tea and Antiques Roadshow, there are just some combinations that work! In the copy watch world, blue dials are as irresistible to the horologically inclined as excel spreadsheets are to accountants – but the real question is are you all in on deep blue, Cambridge blue or a sunburst?”

We’d say our top blue replica watches for sale have a bit of both, flipping the expression of having the blues to a big, unapologetic grin fest.

From a quirky start two years ago, Swiss movement replica TAG Heuer’s everyday-perfect range of solar-powered 1:1 fake TAG Heuer Aquaracers UK just upped their game with a banging new blue sunburst dial – even out of the Miami sun where it was launched. It. Just. Pops. Other pluses: it’s slim, has a 200m water resistance and matching steel case and bezel. All boxes ticked. £1,950.

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