2018 UK New Blue Dials ORIS Divers Carl Brashear Fake Watches

The Basel show has ended, while there are many new timepieces leaving deep impression for us. ORIS Divers Carl Brashear replica watches with self-winding movements are one of them. It proves the high strength of watches in diving.

In 2018, Oris announces that it will launch a unique brand remolding strategy and brand new logo, slogans and propositions, so as to highlight the brand’s innovation and independence spirit. New fake watches for sale greatly prove this point.

The new idea of “Go your own way” is an expression of the freedom and independent thinking of the brand. It also inspires the loyal fans of brand to continue to walk his own way. The bronze cases Oris copy watches present different color. In order to highlight the warm texture, the designer matches light brown leather straps which is quite harmony.

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