The Fire Gold Technology Of The UK Diamond Bezel Fake Ronde Louis Cartier Watches

What process did the Cartier masters use in order to make this as bright as enamel masterpiece? This black leather strap copy Cartier Ronde Louis adopted the latest watches fire gold process to create a new sphere for advanced watchmaking technology. The inspiration of the fire gold process comes from the technology of the blue steel pointer that through heating to change the color of the material surface, and in the process that need to accurately grasping the fire temperature.

diamond bezel fake Cartier Ronde Louis

The 18k gold dial engraved or painted the exquisite leopard grain design. The craftsmen would firstly heat the yellow gold dial, and the first color come up. And then repeating this process requires repeated until get abundant full colour effect. And this technology not only need a pair of precise and sensitive hands but also need original vision.

the engraved pattern of replica Ronde Louis Cartier

Therefore, craftsmen always need to concentrate and carefully with the working procedure, and the final result, of course, is impressive. The whole hue is deep and rich, presenting the details of the change from beige to brown, and the leopard echoed with the blue steel pointer.

Continuing the Etruscan bead process, the enamel beads and filigree, the white gold case replica Cartier added the fire gold process. Cartier combined with all the technologies and also injected the innovative inspiration and impressive and outstanding technology for the advanced watchmaking.

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