Bloody Hell: UK Top TAG Heuer’s New Red Dial Fake Watches Is Something Different

We’re used to blue watch dials and green dials are currently having a bit of a moment, but red dials? They’ve always been a bit overlooked. AAA UK replica TAG Heuer’s latest limited-edition Carrera watches might be set to change that, however.

The 162-year-old Swiss watchmaker has had an unusually storied history when it comes to red-dialled fake watches for sale – from the funky Heuer Silverstone of the 70s to the eclectic TAG Heuer Link and recent Formula 1 watches, they’re one of the few brands bold enough to use the colour.

Their latest red watch is particularly special, though. The luxury replica TAG Heuer Carrera Red Dial Limited Edition watches (ref. CBK221G.FC6479) isn’t just a fantastic revival of the cult-favourite original Heuer Carrera ref. 2447, but one of the best red dial watches on the planet.

TAG calls the sunray-brushed dial’s colour ‘crimson’, but in person, it comes off more like burgundy or a blood red. Deep and luxurious, the way the dial plays with light is truly mesmerising. If you’re looking to add red dial high quality copy watches to your collection, we can’t think of a better candidate.

The Carrera Red Dial comes hot off the heels of perfect TAG Heuer replica watches’ previous experiment in wild dial colours, the Monaco Purple Dial Limited Edition (ref. CBL2118.FC6518) which, as the name implies, boasts a smoky and rather alluring purple sunray dial.

Like that best super clone watches, the Carrera Red Dial comes mounted on a black alligator strap – although the Carrera additionally features an old-school Heuer clasp – and is powered by TAG’s workhouse in-house Heuer 02 movement, which boasts an outstanding power reserve of 80 hours and 100m of water resistance.

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